Dedication to the Nation

Counselling students - the main focus of APSDAA.

Counselling students is the main focus of APSDAA as it gives the Alumni an opportunity to give back to their Alma Mater. Over the years, Daggers have spread all across the world. Most of them are quite successful in their respective careers, making the school very proud. School years are very impressionable therefore very important in not only developing academic knowledge but also the personality of an individual.

Career Development Centre (CDC)

  • The aim is to build a strong "Career Development Centre" (CDC) in school over the coming years to provide career guidance to the students studying in APS, Dagshai.

Provide Counselling

  • Dagger Volunteer
  • To start with, we are looking to hold a minimum of 3-4 career counselling events in the school, annually. The aim is to involve Daggers who can volunteer to take the time out to help guide the young students, from their experiences in their specialised field of work. The Donations received from the Alumni will be used to hire services of professional coaching centres for the courses shortlisted as per the popular career preferences and help guide the students thorough the year .

  • Personality Building and Life Skill workshops
  • A complete personality development is the essence of survival in today’s world. We are looking at holding workshops by the Alumni where Volunteers can share their life experiences and the importance of certain life skills.

  • Adopt a Student become a mentor
  • You can volunteer to be part of an online counselling team, where if any student needs guidance or has queries about a particular profession you can interact with him via emails and messenger.

Helping Daggers beyond School through Networking

Would you like to become an APSDAA volunteer?

Please tell us some things about yourself and why you will make a good Volunteer including your goals for developing the Alumni and School.