Dedication to the Nation

The role of APSDAA Class representatives in making APSDAA achieve it's goals:

Class representatives have an important role to play in making APSDAA achieve it’s goals, by updating and informing their classmates about the APSDAA and School News , Events, Fund raising programmes , Reunions, Annual events etc. from time to time on their WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM groups.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support APSDAA by active participation in all the work the Association takes up for the development of the School.

  • Inform their classmates about the upcoming initiatives and events announced by APSDAA.

  • Encourage classmates to volunteer and help in the development, career counselling and volunteering for various causes adopted by APSDAA.

  • Should showcase leadership qualities and adopt a class cause by discussing among the classmates and then sponsoring it.

Are you interested in becoming a class representative?

*Eligibility Criteria : You need to be an APSDAA member to apply for this.

Contact :