Dedication to the Nation

Together - Daggers Can Daggers Will

Time has flown and years have passed. Now the time has come to give back to the Alma-Matar. APSDAA has shortlisted some probable Causes that require your support. Request all Daggers to extend a hand to the following causes by giving donations and sponsoring scholarships:

Donating Books to the Library

  • Fiction: Selective Acclaimed Books.

  • Biographies:

  • - Greats from India – in various fields

    - Of Achievers from rest of the world

  • History:

  • - Indian Armed Forces

    - Indian Rulers/Kings and Queens

    - International History

    - With respect to specific fields

    - Art and Culture

    - Architecture

    - Business

  • Educational Books for all subjects:

    For those wanting to learn beyond the scope presented in the school books.

  • Detailed books for each state of India:

    Entailing important locations/buildings/monuments and travel guides.

  • Career entrance exam preparation books in various fields:

  • - SSB

    - NDA/NA-Defence/Navy

    - IIT-JEE -Engineering


    - AFMC-Medical

    - AIIMS-Medical

    - TES-Army Technical

    - CLAT-Law

    - NIFT/NID-Design

    - SSC-Staff selection Commission

    - CPT-Charatered Accountancy

    - NATA-Architecture

    - NCHMCT JEE-Hotel Mangement

    - BBA-Business Sudies Entrance

Adopt a Hobby

  • Photography

  • Mountain Climbing – APSDAA could help provide funding for training and if possible even fund expeditions to the Everest or other High Peaks in around India from time to time…. This could include current students and/or alumni groups.

  • Martial Arts

  • Dancing (Classical/Modern)

  • Language Skills – Spanish/German/English (those wanting to improve or wanting to attain higher proficiency)

  • Theatre


  • Provide Educational Coaching For:

  • - SSB coaching in the 11th and 12th Year including Group Discussions / Psychological Evaluation / Interview / Physical

    - JEE, NEET, AFMC, NDA/NA, TES, CLAT, NIFT/NID, SSC, CPT, NATA, NCHMCT, BBA etc. Depending on the popular career choices made by the current students studying there.

  • Engage Specialised Coaches For Sports:

  • - Engage Specialised Coaches for different sports. With special focus on the students who are already excelling in their respective sport. Example. if a group of students or a student are/is doing really well in their respective sport and are regular at district/state/national competitions. We should focus on getting them coaching on priority.

Provide Computers/Hardware Equipment

  • to aid in research and preparation for entrance exams.

  • To enhance the computer software (language) skill sets of students.

Scholarships/Financial Aid

  • Different funds (Academics/Sports/Arts) would be created, which would be used to help in providing

  • - Scholarships to students who are excelling in academics/sports/arts etc

    - Financial aid to students who are short on funds to further their education

    - Financial Aid for fees towards entrance exam training at select institutes

    - Funding for students to get coaching at premier sports institutes/coaches

Provide High Quality Sports Equipment

  • Quality Shoes for Athletics

  • - Sprints

    - Long Distance

  • Hockey – Hockey Sticks. Balls, and protective gear.

  • Tennis Rackets.

  • Badminton Rackets.

  • Boxing Gloves.

  • Cricket Equipment.

  • Basketballs.

  • Footballs.

Fund Raising Events:

  • Through collaboration with NGOs, Corporates for Common Goals

  • Fund Raising Week: 7 days at a selective time in a year would be finalised and during this time various activities and programs would be listed on the website and Alumni would be asked to donate/collect donations for these programs/activities. The collections would be updated daily/hourly

Alumni Website

  • The costs for website maintenance on an annual basis needs to be provided, along with the various functions of the website and how it can/will impact APSDAA and the School in the long run.