Dedication to the Nation

APSD Alumni Association

The story of APSDAA started Thirty One years after the school was founded.

Giving Back to the School

The batch of 1992 was preparing for their 25 Years Reunion on 21st April 2017 when the thought of giving back to the school on a more permanent and impactful way gained momentum. Since the school does not take any monetary grants, school authorities suggested that the alumni should interact with the students and counsel them on how they could join the Armed forces.

This wonderful idea lead to the thought of forming an alumni association that could interact and participate on a more permanent basis in developing the infrastructure, provide counselling and grant scholarships to various talented students.

Preliminary Executive Commitee

Mr Siddartha Kumar (1992) graciously allowed APSDAA the freedom to operate from his office premises and being an accomplished lawyer also extended legal help to form the Body of Individual. APSDAA Memorandum of Association envisaged creation of a Preliminary Executive Committee under the leadership of Mr. Barinder Pal Singh Brar (1992) as the President - who volunteered to take on the challenging task of creating a solid association and get a First Management Committee in place.

Six Daggers took the initiative of forming the long due Army Public School, Dagshai Alumni Association APSDAA in Chandigarh.
- Priyanka Hoon (1992)
- Harpuja Sandhu (1992)
- Manmeet Dhaliwal (1992)
- Barinder Pal Singh Brar (1992)
- Harisharan Singh Chharhaan (1995)
- Ajitinder Singh Manashai (2003)

A Humble Beginning

It was felt that the association will be impactful only if it is connected, well-funded, widely represented and transparently administered. This was possible using a well-designed website which would speedily bring together all alumni and greatly ease the counselling activity.

To ensure that the enthusiasm does not die out it was also important that some Daggers take charge of speedily putting the infrastructure together and a whatsapp group was created on 10 th May 2017 to take the initiative forward.

APSDAA Website

During the Class of 1992 Siver Jubliee Celebrations, Bhuwan Purohit initiated the idea of developing a website for the Alumni. The idea was to create a virtual place for all Daggers who are spread all over the world to come together and network with each other. The aim and vision was also to initiate Career Counselling in the school wherein the Alumni and the current students could interact with each other.

Since , it is very difficult to travel and be physically present for all the interactions, the website is a big enabler to help APSDAA achieve it’s goals . Bhuwan has also made a major financial contribution towards the development of the website.