1992 Silver Jubliee Celebrations

Posted: 22nd Dec 2017

The batch of 1992 celebrated their 25 years Celebrations in April this year. The reunion started on the April 19th night at Harpuja Sandhu’s house where she had invited all 92 Daggers for pre -reunion dinner. The next day all the Daggers got together and started the journey uphill towards the most beautiful school to relive the school life again. In school the class of 1992 was warmly welcomed by the school Principal and old staff members . After the ice breaking session, we had lunch followed by a Career Counseling session given by a few Daggers to the young classes of 10-12th standard students .

Celebrations are of course not complete without the basketball match between the 1992 Batch and the current school students. The 25 year reunion became even more special , the principal chowk was renamed as Major Udai Singh Chowk . The ceremony conducted by the Army in the presence of Udai’s family made this reunion an extra special one. A fun filled class photo session of thirty plus 92 Daggers wearing their official reunion t-shirt was something else to remember. The evening of course was fun filled and ended up with a visit to the graveyard.

Day 2- The presence of Mrs and Mr Mathur made the 1992, 25 years reunion extra special. The first principal was the chief guest and spoke about his experiences and the nostalgic journey. He also cut the ribbon of the 1992 Yearbook which was later distributed and is a prized possession taking us back to what we all looked like in school , and by reading interesting incidents shared by our classmates. We were lucky to meet our old school teachers who made an extra special effort to come for this reunion . A special thanks to Mrs. Ghumman, Mrs Bhargava , Mrs. Jagpal, Mr. Soail and Mr Raj Thankur ( who is currently still in school).

The break up dinner was held in Chandigarh and ended with a toast to our 25 years celebrations.