Speech given during the 1st APSDAA Get Together

Posted: 14th Dec 2017

Good Evening Everybody,

Thank you all for coming and making this event a memorable one.

I would like to start the speech by introducing myself . My name is Manmeet Dhaliwal, Class of 1992, Patel House.
Today ,I feel very privileged to be part of something very special , something new . How many of us really get an opportunity to witness and be part of starting something special, more like starting a legacy for generations to come. Finally, we have a recognized Army Public School Dagshai Alumni Association (APSDAA) after 31 years and cheers to that.

It is indeed wonderful to be in a room full of DAGGERS , this moment has taken me back to being a school girl again, the only difference between now and then is ,I have to wear my glasses to read now.

Time has flown and years have passed. Now the time has come to give back to the school. Over the years , we all have managed to keep in touch with some of our dagger friends but how many of us have really made an effort to revisit the school from time to time and find out how it is doing.

For some, the school campus is a distant memory and for some it is a beautiful dream they were lucky to live in. APS, Dagshai made us meet our best friends for life , but personally to me it gave me the best years of my life. The beautiful campus located in the hills, Saturday Movie nights in the auditorium and listening to Manic Monday , Inter house cultural nite compeitions, Cross country , Sunday packed lunches, the fun of deciding what to wear on Sundays after the Saturday nite movie, the evening preps, the founder’s day, Inter house matches, the shahi toast and keema matar, the tea time after the games and of course the lovely breeze and beautiful sunsets. Least! we forget the night visits to the graveyard.

Today, I want to touch upon” the Spirit of a Dagger” which somehow got lost in the mist of time. The spirit that never gave up during inter school matches, the spirit that is full of laughter, joy and positivity, a spirit that supports other daggers in their failures and successes, a spirit whose heart still lies in the school way up in Dagshai.

it is with this spirit we have gathered together in this room for one and only one Cause “ The School”. The main aim of APSDAA is to make the spirit of Daggerhood stronger and to make APS, Dagshai the best school ever. Each and every individual of the APSDAA team is working hard to create a platform for this objective to come true. Like everything in life, the initial stages of creating something new has it’s fair challenges of ups and downs. The journey is long and cannot happen without the support of each and every Dagger.

J.k Rowling the author of Harry Potter once said “We do not need magic to transform the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better”

It is with this belief that we can make a difference. I request all the Daggers to believe in what APSDAA stands for because APSDAA believes in you.

The “Spirit of a Dagger” never gives up. The only way forward is to march together. “Together – Daggers can, Daggers will

Thank you.