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Celebrating 25 years

No 25 years Reunion is complete until you have it in the school. Not everyone gets an opportunity to celebrate their 25 years reunion in a beautiful campus like Dagshai. Don’t miss this lifetime opportunity of revisiting the campus and reliving the best days of your life again with your lifelong best friends.

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Need help in planning your Class Reunion, here are some important tips:

  • Make a Class whatsapp group at least a year before your 25 years reunion. This will give you time to locate some of your lost classmates. No reunion is complete without having maximum attendance of your batch.

  • Find a Reunion co-ordinator who has the time and dedication to plan a successful reunion.

  • Fix a Date:

  • Agreeing on a date for a reunion is the most difficult task. So, the Volunteer who has agreed to manage the reunion can take an internal vote and if there are differences in opinion and you are not able to fix a date. Use google forms to take a vote. Have not more than 3 date options and go with the majority votes.

  • Start the planning 6 months in advance:

  • To make your 25 year- Silver Jubilee Reunion a special one, you must make a list of things that you want in your reunion to make it memorable.

  • The Reunion co-ordinator:

  • The Reunion co-ordinator should make a team of volunteers and divide work among them. No reunion is successful without team work.

  • Get in touch with School authorities by making a phone call followed by writing a formal letter to (Principal and Bursar):

  • Get in touch with the school authorities and request for a dedicated staff school co-ordinator who will help you with all the information and co-ordination you require to have a successful reunion in the school. ( Date , flow of event, matches with the current school students, lunch, counselling sessions, interaction etc.)

  • List of things that make a 25 years Reunion more special than a normal Reunion are:

    • Decide on what your class wants to give back to the school:

    • The school does not accept money, so you could ask the school authorities what their requirements are like sports equipment, books, something for the houses or dorms etc etc. If your class is able to collect a large amount of money you can even adopt a building and renovate it (dedicated by the class of ....). You can also refer to the Donations section in the website for some ideas about choosing your cause.

    • Decide how many days your class would like your reunion to be for:

    • Since many of your classmates will be coming from all over the world it should be celebrated over a long weekend (minimum 3 days and 2 nights) recommended.

    • Class T-shirt, hoodie other souvenirs etc.

    • Yearbook:

      (Create forms and circulate them. It is a tough task but not impossible)

    • Make it eventful by planning each day of your celebration in an organised manner.

      Time your activities during the day and be creative about adding some interesting fun events to really make your reunion a memorable one.

    • Decide on a Budget which is comfortable for all.